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Student Learning

Student Leadership

Student Leadership is an important and valuable part of our school. It builds the 5 Keys to Success within our Year 6 Ministry and broader leadership group. Our school’s name Cooinda means ‘Happy Place’ which our Year 6 Leaders strive to build and maintain as part of their commitment to the program. Student Leaders are responsible for role modelling the schools Code of Conduct and maintain their individual ‘Good Standing’ in relation to the 100s Club bound to the Year 5 and 6 cohorts.

Our school offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for our Year 5 students to nominate, prior to their final school year as Year 6 leavers. It empowers the students to grow in confidence, take initiative and develop strong communication skills to create global citizens. They are inspired through attending the GRIP Leadership Conference to assist with developing effective skills and strategies to be role models and contribute to our school community.

The Student Leadership Program has five integral components: The Ministry containing Head boy, Head Girl (Two Prime Ministers) and Seven Ministers, Faction Captains, Act Belong Committers, Waste Warriors and Roadies. Each group within the leadership umbrella has specific roles they complete to ensure our schools name is upheld among the student body.

Head Boy and Head Girl (Two Prime Ministers)

Head Boy and Head Girl are dual Prime Ministers. They are responsible for making sure the Ministry is functioning successfully. Prime Ministers are the first contact for teachers who require something from the Ministers. They also delegate tasks to the appropriate Ministry Leader. Head Boy and Head Girl present Merit Certificates at mini assembly and class assemblies, escort visitors around our school and participate as school representatives at ANZAC March, to name just a few.

Ministry (Seven Ministers)

The seven counsellors are known as Ministers who make up the Ministry. Each Minister has a title and receives a portfolio that will contain the tasks they are responsible for around the school. It also contains the names of selected Year 6 students working within their ministry and the jobs they are required to complete.  Ministers report to the two Prime Ministers.

Ministry Portfolios:

  • Prime Minister (Two Head Boy and Head Girl) Minister of Sport
  • Minister of Health and Well-being
  • Minister of Technology
  • Minister of Special Events Minister of The Arts
  • Minister of Environment & Sustainability
  • Minister of Culture

Faction Captains

The Faction Captains report to the Minister of Sport. Their main role is in relation to all sporting events held within the school and community such as Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Interschool Carnivals, Cross Country etc. There are four faction houses represent at Cooinda Primary School: Koom- bana (Blue), Geographe (Yellow), Vittoria (Red) and Samphire (Green).

Waste Warriors

The Waste Warriors report to the Minister of Environment. Their collective role is to maintain, collect and record in relation to the Waste Collection Point within the school. They oversee all environmental and sustainable related activities such as the 3 Bin System, Recycling of specific items, National Tree Day, Plastic Free July etc.

Act Belong Committers

The Act Belong Committers report to the Minister of Health and Well-being. They complete activities around the school to promote the mentally healthy message for both the school and the wider community. Tasks they complete are signage, promotional competitions, and days such as RUOK Day, Mentally Healthy May, Day for Daniel, Christmas Boxes etc.


The Roadies report to the Minister of Technology. They assist in all school assemblies and special event that require set up and pack away of equipment. This promotes the smooth and efficient running of all events over the entire school year. They also assist all teachers with digital equipment usage and storage.