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Environment Initiative

Waste Wise at Cooinda

Over the years Cooinda Primary School revamped the Waste Wise Program to incorporate Waste Wise Collection Points around the school.  This program became an integral part of student leadership with the initiating of “Waste Warriors” who work in conjunction with one of our student leaders, Minister of Environment.  Minister of Environment is responsible for ensuring the participation of all to help maintain a litter free environment.

 Waste Wise aims to heighten awareness of the whole school community around sustainability and the importance of caring for our environment.  Our students are seen as Global Ambassador’s for the future.

Waste Wise Whole School Recycling

  • Paper and cardboard collection in all classrooms, the office and by the cleaning staff.
  • Compost area maintained by the school caretaker.
  • Use of the large recycling bins for larger allocations of cardboard and paper through the Bunbury City Council.
  • FOGO bins located in all eating areas for student to repurpose their food waste. Student Leadership control the use of these bin and their management (put out, empty each day, check for correct items)
  • Staff working on reduction of paper use throughout the entire school with paper allocations.
  • Solar Energy Panels to increase the use of sustainable energy.
  • Sustainability Challenge for the staff as an incentive to switch of lights, heating, and air conditioning when not in use.

Waste Wise Advocates

Student leading in the role of Minister of Environment oversees the running environmental campaigns and sustainability awareness events across the school. This is completed with the assistance of the Waste Warriors as a team effort alongside the Year 6 student group for continued support.

Duties and Events included are:

  • Paper recycling collection FOGO bin management
  • Counting of Waste Wise Collection Points
  • KTK Conference participation – ‘Humans Helping Habitats’ Plastic Free July
  • National Tree Day
  • Outdoor Classroom Day Waste Wise Challenges School Garden
  • Tree/ Environment Restoration Programs

At Cooinda Primary School we have twelve Waste Wise Collection Points. The items we collect are not eligible to be recycled via the 3 Bins System caus- ing them to go into landfill. To eliminate this happening, we have found specific companies and groups that reuse, recycle, or repurpose these items.

The collection points are used by both the school and the wider community to ensure we are reducing our carbon footprint into the future. Here a is list below of the Collection Points and associated companies:

  • Batteries – in partnership with Battery All Types
  • Electronics – Mobile Muster
  • Ink Cartridges –
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste Tubes – Terra Cycle and Bunbury City Council Bread Tags – Bunbury City Council
  • Bottle Tops – Bunbury City Council and Precious Plastics
  • Post Satchels – Terra Cycle
  • Stationery – Terra Cycle and Bunbury City Council Spectacles – Bunbury City Council
  • Can Tops – Girl Guides Paper – School Compost
  • Aluminium Cans and Juice Boxes – Containers for Change