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WA 6230

Student Learning

Physical Education & Sport

At Cooinda Primary School we believe physical education and sport are an essential component in maintaining each students’ health and wellbeing. In addition, research makes it clear that children who are more physically active learn better.

“The evidence indicates that regular physical activity is likely to provide children with optimum physiological condition for maximising learning”

Dr Karen Martin, Research Fellow
School of Population Health
University of Western Australia

Our physical education and sport sessions are designed to ensure maximum engagement in activities while practicing fundamental movement skills and games strategies and tactics. A strong focus is placed on teamwork and developing good sportsmanship. In the junior primary we place an emphasis on teaching the fundamental movement skills: Locomotion, Ball Control, Throwing, Tracking/Trapping, Kicking, Striking. In the middle and upper year levels these skills are practised and incorporated into modified games.


All children are assigned to a faction for sporting activities and they retain that faction throughout their primary school years. There are four factions Samphire -green, Geographe-gold, Koombana-blue and Vittoria-red) and at the start of each year you can order a school polo-shirt matching the fac- tion colour. Every endeavour is made to keep children from the same family in the same faction.

Each year there are faction swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals which parents are encouraged to attend. Selected students are also able to participate in a range of interschool carnivals.

In Term Swimming

These classes are held each year for all children from Pre-Primary to year 6. They are either held at Koombana Bay, sually students in years 5 and 6 with Pre Primary to year 4 being held at the South West Recreation Centre. The children are transported by bus to and from the venues. Pool admission and bus fares are listed in the annual Contributions and Charges schedule

Inter-school Sport

We compete against five other schools in the South West Inter-School Sports Association and a broader range of schools in events organised by School Sport WA. We have achieved consistent success in swimming, athletics, Cross Country running, basketball, rugby, soccer, netball and cricket.