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WA 6230

Student Learning


Science at Cooinda

Science is a focus at Cooinda Primary School. Science curriculum delivery is supported by a specially trained teacher.  There is a dedicated science room with supporting resources, materials and equipment. The Science Discovery Room recently benefited from the Western Australia State Government funding program to upgrade existing primary school science facilities. This funding has greatly improved the science learning environment for students through room refitting and resource and equipment purchases.

In science lessons students are challenged and their imaginations are unleashed as they develop skills such as innovation, creativity, reasoning and problem-solving; and technical science skills such as questioning, observing, systematic experimentation, and analysis and interpretation of data.

Digital technologies are used extensively with students in science classes. Digital learning platforms such as Seesaw (Pre-primary to Year 6) and Stile (Year 5-6) are blended with hands-on activities within the classroom to deliver a diverse, rich, and cohesive learning experience. Technology also supports scaffolding of learning and student differentiation within science lessons.

Teaching science through real-world connections create authentic learning experiences where students can apply what they’ve learnt in a lesson to the real world. Learning intentions inform students what they should be able to do by the end of the lesson and provide a basis for tracking student progress, providing feedback and assessing achievement. Success criteria are used to determine whether, and how well, students have met the learning intentions within the lesson. Visible thinking routines (metacognitive tool designed to make students’ ideas visible and accessible) promote a deeper understanding of the content and help students understand how they think and learn. Collaborative learning is used to create educational experiences that lead to deeper thinking. They also allow students to practice communication, self-regulation and leadership skills.

Science classroom experiences are complemented by a diverse range of learning experiences outside the classroom. Cooinda students continue to be offered opportunities through the RAC Imagine Program, Synergy Schools Solar Challenge, South West Science and Engineering Discovery Day, Newton Moore Senior High School STEM Fair and Science experiences, Scitech, Dolphin Discovery Centre, Engineers Without Borders, City of Bunbury, FIRST LEGO League Explore, FISRT LEGO League Expo, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group and Kids Teaching Kids.

Cultural Learning

It is important to our school that the First Nations People are acknowledged and respected. The Wardandi people of the Noongar Nation are the tradi- tional custodians of the land on which we work, learn and play. We aim to learn about the local Aboriginal culture and language through excursions, inviting elders to the school and using resources that teach culture and Dreaming stories from this area. The use of Noongar words and songs are en- couraged in classes and around the school.

We have recently formed a culture group of the students with Aboriginal heritage. These students meet throughout the term to discuss how they can share their culture with their classes and what they’d like to see happen in and around the school. It has provided the students with an opportunity to develop confidence and pride in their culture. Our school Aboriginal Education Officer is an important person to connect us with resources and people who will support us in being culturally aware and responsive.