10 Allen Street, Bunbury,
WA 6230

Parent Information

Cooinda OSHClub (Outside School Hours Care)

Phone: 0421 836 082

Email: cooinda@oshclub.com.au

Link to our website: https://www.oshclub.com.au/wa/cooinda-primary-school/

Whether your child attends OSHClub daily or only occasionally you can rest assured that each visit will be

OSHClub works in partnership with Cooinda Primary school to offer care outside of school hours – this means we offer care before and after school, as well as on the holidays!

Our Before School Care hours begin at 7am, and come time for school, children will walk to class (we will drop off Kindy and Pre-Primary children). In the mornings, we offer children breakfast in the forms of dried fruit or an assortment of cereals. Children are also encouraged to participate in a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

After school, children walk straight to OSHClub from their class (we will pick up Kindy and Pre-Primary children) and are welcomed to engage in a variety of activities before afternoon tea. Our afternoon tea consists of a fruit platter and snack (rice crackers, biscuits, yoghurt cones, etc); we will always take consideration of any dietary needs of the children. Our After School Care closes at 6pm.

Cooinda OSHClub is lucky enough to also run on the school holidays, in which we offer care from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). Vacation Care is particularly popular as it is open to all Primary-aged children around the Bunbury area. During Vacation Care, we do attend Excursions to locations around the South West, and often hold incursions too!

Enrolments can be made through our website. Once submitted, we do our best to accept them as soon as possible, and will reach out if there are any concerns in relation to the application! Bookings for children can be done on a routine basis, or we do accept casual bookings for those who require our care less regularly. A breakdown of fees can be found on our website – we also offer CCS rebate!

Our Service

Before and after school care. Here at OSHClub we provided high-quality Outside School Hours Care

At Cooinda OSHClub, we endeavour to build positive relationships with our children and families through regular communication. In doing this, we are enabled to our best to cater to all the interests and needs of the children attending our service. We value everyone’s feedback and input (children, families, and staff) and use these sources for reflection of our service goals to provide the best experience for all.

Cooinda OSHClub aims to provide a relaxing environment through organised and embedded routines, so children know what to expect when they walk through the door. Children participate in the creation of each week’s program through regular mini meetings, where we encourage them to suggest activities and menu items.

Our service provides a variety of learning areas that children can choose form, including a home corner for role-play, and a quiet area for when they need some time to wind-down, a craft table to encourage creativity, and a puzzles and construction area. We also have a large range of sports equipment for those who want to burn some energy outside!

At Cooinda OSHClub, we promote kindness and respect towards ourselves, others, the environment, and wider community. Children and families have the opportunity to give back to our community each term through our nominated Charity.