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About Our School

Parent & Citizens (P&C) Association


The P&C are a parent representative body or group of community minded Parents and Citizens (where the P & C comes from) that work together with the school to provide feedback on school policies and activities. Provide additional resources to be used to enhance student learning. And take an active role in their children’s education. 

Meetings are usually once a term or as required. There needs to be a minimum amount of financial members attending (Quorum) for the meeting to go ahead. 

The P&C Association is there to work with the principal and the school community in a productive partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for students of the institution. It is not the role of the P&C Association to interfere in the daily running of the school, which is the role of the principal. 

Functions of the P&C Association are to :

Foster community interest in educational matters.

Encourage closer cooperation between the parents of students attending the school, other members of the community, staff and students of the school.

Promote and support communication within the school community and to bring educational matters to the attention of the wider community.

Provide or assist in the provision of financial or other resources or services for the benefit of students of the school usually through fundraising. 

Fundraising is a powerful way in which to help your school get much-wanted additional resources—from extra library books to a shade cloth over a play area. Fundraising can take many forms from product drives to special event stalls (for Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day, for example) and social events—for students (like school discos), parents (such as quiz nights) and families (like colour runs and Bunnings BBQs). 

All money raised by a parent committee is used for the benefit of the school.  As a member of the P&C you can vote on how funds are used and what events are run throughout the school year. 

Dates of upcoming meetings are published on CONNECT.

Uniform Information


The wearing of school uniforms is an expectation, and the Dress Code Policy is supported by the P&C, School Board and School Community. This policy can be found under School Policies/Guidelines.

The uniform shop is run by our P&C and manned by volunteers. Please access CONNECT to view opening days and times. Uniforms can be purchased either at the uniform shop, through the front office by completing a uniform order or online. Further information regarding ordering and payment can be obtained in CONNECT in the library under P&C Uniform Shop.