10 Allen Street, Bunbury,
WA 6230

Parent Information

School Hours For 2022

Children are encouraged to arrive at school from 8.30am. If a child arrives at school after the siren, they will need to come into the front office before attending class. (Please note kindergarten hours are 8.45am—3.00pm)

  • School commences : 8.45am
  • Morning Recess : 11am to 11.20am Lunch : 12.50pm to 1.30pm
  • School Finishes : 3.00pm

Kindergarten Hours

Kindergarten children attend all day. Days vary depending the week of the term, i.e. odd or even.   

Days are as follows : Group 1 attend Monday and Tuesday on an even week of term (i.e. week 2 is an even week) and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on an odd week (i.e. week 3 is an odd week). 

Group 2 attend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on a even week and Thursday Friday on an odd week.

Once children have arrived at school they may not leave the grounds without written permission from their parents.

Early Collection of Children

Parents wishing to collect their child during school hours need to call into the front office to sign them out and the child will be sent to the office for collection.

Absent Children

Please advise the teacher/school if your child can not attend school as soon as possible.
You can call the school on 9724 300, use CONNECT or SMS the school on 0438 988 623, you will also need to provide a written explanation for all of your child’s absences. You will need to provide a written reason if your child is away for an extended period.